Culture Change Shaw Organization Design

Approach to Shaping Culture

Organization culture is complex and requires digging below the surface and constant care and feeding. It's important to take a whole systems approach that looks at every facet that shapes the culture. Todd's corporate experience with culture transformation includes the shift at Bank of America from acquisition machine to customer relationship focus, PayPal's transformation of product development to agile scrum, and a complete transformation of the business model and culture at retail payments leader Verifone.

Diagnose & Set Direction

When organizations have a change in CEO or make a dramatic change in their strategy and business model, it's an important time to thoroughly understand the current culture and define the desired culture for the next phase in the life of the company. Todd is certified in the Culture Transformation Tools from the Barrett Values Centre, and uses the framework and measurement tools to diagnose culture and help the leadership team define the shape of the culture for the future.

Transformation Plan

Once the direction for the culture is well defined and any gap compared to current state is understood, an effective transformation plan can be developed. The plan should incorporate a whole systems architecture to ensure all the major levers of culture change are utilized. Todd can assist with everything from thinking through the architecture and program plan, to helping you implement specific pieces of the plan.