Building High Performing Teams and Organizations

Building High Performing Teams and Organizations


The logo for Shaw Organization Design uses the style of a hand-crafted architectural blueprint as a reflection of the approach to client needs.  The approach is an analogy to how people design and construct buildings.  Shaw Organization Design is a “design-build” firm – starting with the architecture of the organization and culture – and then acting as the general contractor to build high performing teams and organizations. 

The hand-crafted element of the logo reflects an approach of customizing the solution for your needs.  While staying abreast of the latest research, Shaw Organization Design doesn't start with off the shelf models or fads.  Solutions will always be tailored the specific needs in achieving your strategy.

Shaw Organization Design goes beyond the design-build analogy to contribute to the construction work in a few specific trades: 

  • Build high performing organizations:  Consider all aspects of effective organization design that is integral to the company strategy, with focuses on shaping organization culture and on building high performing leadership teams.
  • Accelerate change:  Doing the talent, organization and culture work to move large-scale change plans forward to achieve results.
  • Board talent agenda:  Work with the Board of Directors on their ideas and fiduciary oversight responsibilities with regards to leadership talent, executive compensation, culture and risk management. 

In support of these focus areas, Shaw Organization Design also assists with designing and building HR organizations that have the capabilities that are necessary and integral to accomplishing the company’s strategy.  

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